I recognize that the nonprofit sector continues to evolve and change in a time when the demand for our services far exceeds available resources. It is imperative that Wealth Watchers positions itself to meet that demand, while remaining central to building and rebuilding communities and strengthening the connection between social capital and economic development during these unprecedented times… The Wealth Watchers’ team and I are humbled for the opportunity to share our time, talent and treasures to build wealth for future generations and serve as community stewards.

Carrie Davis

President & Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Carrie Davis

President & Chief Executive Officer

Edward Gaston

Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Alyce Denson

Chief Financial Officer

Carla Carter

Vice President

Homeownership Promotions

Krystal Webb

Special Projects Manager

Jo Jones

Housing Counselor

Christian Reis

Program Manager

Workforce Development

Jean Reddick

Administrative Case Manager

Reginald Lott

Site Coordinator

Hurtis Wyche

Outreach Specialist