Wealth Watchers Inc. in the News


Wealth Watchers on Jacksonville Buzz

September 2, 2021

Adrienne Houghton of Jacksonville Buzz sits down with Christian Reis, program manager of the C.O.F.F.E.E. Project. This is Wealth Watchers’ workforce development and construction trade training program.

Fed Communities: Building Wealth with Financial Education and Homeownership

August 2, 2021

By Kierra Karemani, Fed Communities

Kierra interviews Carrie Davis, President & CEO of Wealth Watchers Inc., and clients who were helped through the services and programs provided by the nonprofit.

Action News Jax Sunday:

Building Wealth Through Education

August 1, 2021

Tennika Hughes of Action News Jax interviews Carrie Davis, President & CEO of Wealth Watchers Inc., about building wealth for future generations.

Jacksonville Free Press: Wealth Watchers Celebrates Legacy, Homeownership and Generational Wealth

July 22, 2021

The Jacksonville Free Press takes a look at how Wealth Watchers kicked off its 20th anniversary and celebrated National Homeownership Month.

Black History Month Profiles in Leadership: Carrie Davis Finds Solutions in Land and Soil

February 23, 2021

By Kelly Alexander, Senior Director, and Madelyn Lazorchak, Communications Writer – NeighborWorks America

Carrie Davis “is doing the hard work and enhancing the lives of real Black farmers and her community in Florida, Georgia and beyond.”

NeighborWorks America: Growing Trust

February 28, 2020

By Madelyn Lazorchak, Communications Writer

Part 2 of our two-part story of how Wealth Watchers served as a bridge for the U.S. Department of Agriculture to rebuild trust among black farmers in rural communities. 

Neighborworks America: Reaching Out to Black Farmers

February 26, 2020

By Madelyn Lazorchak, Communications Writer

Part I of a two-part story detailing how Neighborworks organizations like Wealth Watchers Inc. supports black farmers in rural communities.


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