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Homebuyer Education Class

Wealth Watchers Inc.
Homebuyer Education Program

Virtual In-Person Education

Wealth Watchers Inc. virtual in-person education program includes a combination of virtual classroom and individual advisement and meets lender, builder, down-payment assistance programs, and homebuyer education requirements:

Step 1: Attend our virtual Homebuyer 101 Orientation program which provides an introduction to the home buying process, home purchase team members, mortgage qualifying, and the importance of credit. Learn about down-payment assistance programs.

Step 2: After attending the orientation, receive your invitation to virtually meet Nikki Terry, VP Homeownership Promotions, and her team of housing advisors to create your specific homeownership plan. Enroll in downpayment programs, review your credit, and develop a spending plan to save money for your home purchase. If your credit history prevents you from qualifying for affordable mortgage products, you may receive an invitation to attend our Money and Credit Management online class where you’ll receive specific tips on negotiating old debt.

Step 3: When you are ready to shop for a home, attend our comprehensive Homebuyer Education Workshop. This virtual In-person classroom workshop is held monthly on 2 Saturdays from 10am-2 pm nine times per year. These classes are taught by experienced, HUD-approved homeownership advisors as well as volunteer mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and home inspectors. Wealth Watchers Inc. workshop is based on a nationally recognized NeighborWorks Realizing the Dream curriculum with many State and Region-specific forms and examples. Obtain a Homebuyer Education Certificate of Completion that meets the requirements of lenders, builders, Local, and State Down Payment Assistance Programs. Fee: $50 plus a small handling fee charged by Eventbrite (this fee is currently waived for new attendees), includes course materials and refreshments. Click here for schedule and registration.

Online Education Options

Wealth Watchers Inc. offers two quality options for online education. In both cases, Wealth Watchers Inc. requires that households combine the online education with an individual session with our homeownership advisors so that you can learn more about Duval and Surrounding counties’ specific programs and receive a personalized action plan to assist you with your purchase.

Online Education Offered by eHome America plus Individual Advisement

eHome America’s online education program is now approved by the First Home Club when taken in conjunction with an Individual Advisement session. eHome America is based on NeighborWorks America’s Realizing the American Dream curriculum and meets the National Industry Standards for homebuyer education.

Visit Wealth Watchers Inc. page on the eHome website to register for the class: eHome Online education. The course fee is $99 and includes the fee for the individual session. The course takes can be started and stopped whenever you are ready to begin. It may be taken on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

After you complete the online course, meet with our expert homeownership advisor to review your credit report to strengthen your score, understand different mortgage options, and get answers to any questions you may have about the home purchase process. To schedule a convenient time, please contact Wealth Watchers and let us know you are scheduling a follow-up appointment to the eHome course. You will receive your certificate at the in-person appointment or via email.

Online Education Offered by Framework™ plus Individual Advisement

Framework provides all the facts you need to navigate every step of the buying process. And you can learn when, where, and how you like. It even works on your smartphone.

  • To get started, visit Framework If you’d like to learn more first, please watch the short overview video below. The course fee is $75.
  • Framework meets many lenders’ requirements for homebuyer education, but check with yours to make sure an online course is acceptable.

After you complete the course, combine online education with one in-person consultation with our expert homeownership advisor. Review your credit report to strengthen your score, understand different mortgage options, and get answers to any questions you may have about the home purchase process.

Schedule a convenient time after you have completed the online class. No Fee at this time. Please contact (904) 265-4736 and let us know you are scheduling a follow-up appointment for the Framework™ course.