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Home Construction

The dream of home ownership is still alive and well.  Wealth Watchers is a licensed state general contractor that develops quality housing throughout all communities.  We develop and build houses that enhance neighborhoods and provide housing options that were otherwise not available in the area. As with our affordable rental housing services, our strong relationships with government agencies and vast experience navigating stringent regulations and requirements, enable us to smoothly handle affordable home ownership projects from concept and design to construction and completion. Our team of professionals is committed to meeting timelines and budgets, providing sound fiscal and project reporting, and maximizing every dollar you spend.

Benefits of new construction

Newly constructed homes have the 1st homeowner appeal.  And when it yours, you will take care of it just like a newborn child and grow with it. Some of the benefits are:

  • Everything is new
  • Electricity and wire is coded to the current standards
  • You’re the 1st owner and new neighbor.
  • Equity building begins day one

Do you own the land?

If you are the owner of the property, We can construct your custom home to your liking. Whether you want a ranch style home to a duplex, Wealth watchers has a plan that suites your home building needs.

Our Experience

Wealth Watchers Inc. has over 17 years of Home Construction and apartment complex development experience.

Our Success

We recently completed the C.B. Dailey Apartment Villas. A 24 unit, 3 story apartment complex near downtown Jacksonville.