Wealth Watchers Community Builder Down Payment Program Approved Lenders

Wells Fargo  |  Bank of America

SunTrust/BB&T/Truist  |  Synovus Bank

TIAA  |  Self-Help Credit Union

Where Can You Find Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance?
City and County Programs

Duval County

Program: Wealth Watchers Inc. Community Builder

Borrower Income Limits: Up to 120 % AMI
Borrower Minimum Contribution: $0-1,250 (Gift or other program)
Max Amount: $3,500
Term: 3 Years
Purchase Price Limit: None
Homebuyer Education: Required
Restrictions: Must be a Wealth Watchers Inc. Approved Lender

Clay County

Program:  Home Sweet Home

Max Amount:  $7,500
Income Limit:  $75,960
Term: 30 Years Deferred
Purchase Price Limit: $298,192.00
Affordable Income Subsidy Grant
$1500-Below $55,920
$2500-Below $34,950

Homebuyer Education:  Required

Nassau County

Program:  Nassau County Housing Strategy-SHIP

Income Classification

VL-Max Amount:  $45,000
L-Max Amount $33,750
M-Max Amount:  $22,500

Purchase Price Limit: $215,000

Homebuyer Education:  Required

St. Johns County

Program:  Own a Home Grant

 3%, 4% and 5%

Borrower Income Limit:  $104.850
Purchase Price Limit: 316,589
Own a Home Opportunity Average Amount:  $7,500

Affordable Income Subsidy Grant

Homebuyer Education:  Required

1st Time Homebuyer