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Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling Session

Register for One on One Certified Homeownership  Counseling Session

Wealth Watchers Inc in-person education programs include a combination of classroom and individual advisement which meets lender, builder and state down-payment assistance programs as well as homebuyer education requirements:

You will meet with your certified housing counselor to discuss the homebuying process, your home purchase team members, mortgage qualifying and examine your credit. You will review down-payment assistance programs and affordable mortgage products best suited to your family based on your family individual needs.

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Why Credit Matters

Credit is one of those things that can define who you are. This is why it’s important to know your credit score at all times.

  • Allows you to purchase items that you want and need
  • Teaches you about paying on time
  • Informs you that you need to work on your credit
  • Acquire credit