“Building Wealth for Future Generations”

The mission of Wealth Watchers Inc. is to build viable communities by expanding the knowledge of low-to-moderate income individuals for the purpose of understanding the importance of basic finance and the accumulation of wealth. Wealth Watchers Inc. achieves its’ mission by providing lending and education, neighborhood stabilization, community revitalization strategies and small business services.

Wealth Watchers Inc. is a HUD-certified Housing Counseling and Community Development organization formed as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) in December 2001. The formation of Wealth Watchers Inc was a result of a series of meetings of local Financial Services Professionals. The Professionals believed that education was the foundation for financial success as well as community and economic stability. Wealth Watchers Inc. is based in North Florida with services available throughout the State of Florida.

Wealth Watchers Inc. staff is committed to providing a cyclical approach to building wealth among citizens in Florida. Wealth Watchers Inc. recognizes that homeownership is the main vehicle for building wealth among many citizens, therefore, Wealth Watchers Inc.positioned itself to be a viable resource for citizens pursuing homeownership opportunities and those who were in jeopardy of losing their homes due to foreclosure.

Wealth Watchers Inc. is committed to:
* The promotion of home ownership for new homebuyers
* The preservation of home ownership for vulnerable homeowners
* The stabilization of transitional families
* The revitalization of distressed neighborhoods
* The expansion of small business development opportunities
* The promotion of financial education

Network Luncheon

Watch our video 2017 Lender, Builder, Realtor, Housing Professional Network luncheon.

Wealth Watchers Inc understands that we have a network of professionals that believe in and supports our vision for improving the quality of life for members of the community. We also realize that we cannot do it alone. There are many heads involved in the process of continual community building and on this day we recognized the professionals that contribute to the continued success of Wealth Watchers Inc.